About The Motor Calendar

We are a team of people all passionate about what is happening in the automotive world. Our goal is to progressively become the reference for all the motor vehicles events in the world.
Our team is both located in North America and Western Europe, and we are starting to build our database around those particular areas, but we welcome any help for any other areas.
Even though we are trying to be as complete and thorough as possible, omissions and errors are always possible. Just tell us what we are missing or what to correct and we will make the modifications necessary.
If you host your own event, just send us the title, the location, the dates, the official website (important), and a picture (we love posters!) to put your event on our front page.

We would like to acknowledge our sponsor, Speed-boutique, which made this website possible. Speed-boutique has a full range of apparel, which can all be decorated with embroideries of your vehicles. Choose a shirt or a jacket, send Speed-boutique a picture of your car or any other vehicle, they will digitize it and stitch it just for you.

You can contact us any time by using our contact page, or by sending an email to info@themotorcalendar.com

The Motor Calendar Team